Rock Foundation Cambodia Mango Farm Grows By 700 Trees

We are excited to announce that we have planted another 700 mango trees in addition to the 600 healthy mango trees currently on our 12.5 acre mango farm. This expansion will also provide additional job opportunities for rural Cambodians, another resource for food and nutrition, and an additional revenue stream to help fund the work of our ministry.

Once the mango trees reach maturity, mangos will be sold in nearby villages to help create a sustainable ministry funding source for years to come. The trees typically stand between three to four meters tall and are irrigated by three water wells built by RFC located on the property. These water wells also provide villagers from the surrounding rural communities with access to safe, clean water for drinking and sanitation.

With the number of COVID-19 cases steadily increasing in Cambodia, new job opportunities and availability of fresh food for those in need are particularly important.

Most of the families we serve live on less than $3.20 per day before the pandemic. Now, many of those have lost their jobs and are heavily reliant upon us to help provide relief during these difficult times.

How You Can Help

Please visit our Mango Farms webpage to learn more about our efforts to help improve the quality of life for rural Cambodians. You can partner with us in our fight to end extreme poverty in Cambodia by joining us as a monthly, recurring donor. Your gift of any amount will help create lasting change in the impoverished communities we serve.

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