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How We’re Helping: Hunger & Malnutrition on the Rise in Cambodia

Local Cambodian news sources report that more than half of households in Cambodia have needed to cut back on the size and quality of meals at some point during the Covid-19 pandemic. Rock Foundation Cambodia (RFC) is helping fight hunger by giving away rice and other food resources to those who need it most.

Since last year, RFC has supported the work of a local Khmer church. They minister to an impoverished village in Boueng Tumpun District, Kandal Province, and recently held a women’s retreat. Some of the women also brought their children to the retreat to hear the Gospel.

Afterward, we provided 100 bags of rice, each with 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of rice for a total of 2000 kilograms (4400 pounds).


The rice was distributed in the name of Jesus to more than 100 families, combating their immediate need for life-sustaining food during the current economic depression. The economic fallout resulting from Covid-19 has made food access exponentially difficult for the nation’s poorest people, generally those in rural villages.

Our 2021 goal is to use RFC resources to bring nourishment and dietary relief to the impoverished communities of Cambodia by distributing 25 tons of rice.

In addition to rice, our community food distribution efforts include a mango farm with hundreds of flourishing mango trees that provide nutritious fruit as well as jobs. These mangoes are especially important since, when food prices increased last year, many poorer households saw a dip in vitamin-rich foods.

Join us in our efforts to bring food to those living in abject poverty. If you would like to partner with us and our community outreach efforts, please give now. Thank you for your generous support as we battle hunger and malnutrition in the power of Jesus.


Check out the photo gallery below to view pictures from our recent community outreach  to the people of Khmer. Learn more about our community outreach effort by visiting our Community Outreach webpage. Please consider supporting our efforts to help fight hunger in Cambodia by giving to our ministry.

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