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Value of Medical Supplies Imported into Cambodia to Surpass $5M

Thanks to our partners at Gateway Medical, a Seattle-based charity, Rock Foundation Cambodia will soon have successfully imported more than $5M in essential medical supplies and equipment into Cambodia. The availability of these resources is especially important with the recent spike in Covid-19 cases.

Since we began importing these medical essentials in 2018, we’ve successfully received 14 shipping containers, the average contents of which are valued at over $338,000. We celebrate that, through this program, our ministry has provided thousands of Cambodian men, women, and children fighting poverty with access to life-saving medical care and resources.

This scheduled shipment will be our 15th container of supplies. Our 2021 goal is to import six new containers of medical equipment and this is our third for the year, putting us right on schedule for achieving our goal, despite Covid-related challenges.

Unlike most of the developed world, Cambodia is only now experiencing its first wave of the pandemic and, as a poorer country, may struggle with getting widespread access to vaccines.

These shipping containers of life-saving medical supplies are greatly needed as some hotels are even being converted into makeshift hospitals.

To learn more about how these medical shipments help thousands of impoverished Cambodians or how you can sponsor a shipment, visit our Medical Supplies Project webpage.

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