Provide Food & Water for Cambodian Families in Desperate Need This Christmas

This Christmas season, you can partner with us to provide nourishment and hope for 175 Cambodian families living in extreme poverty.

We want to bless each of them with a 44-pound supply of rice.

This year, the loss of income and economic shutdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic pushed many Cambodians from the edge of poverty into desperate poverty. Malnutrition and infant mortality rates continue to be among the highest in all of Southeast Asia. To combat hunger, we’ve supplied thousands of families with food this year.

The need is great: Villagers have traveled to six different distribution sites — including the city garbage dump — to receive the food. We want to give away 7,700 pounds more this Christmas.

We’re also rebounding from travel restrictions earlier this year and drilling many new clean water wells. We drilled six new wells in the last month, providing access to clean water for over 3,000 impoverished Cambodians.

Because we drill and maintain these rigs with our own equipment and staff, the cost to install a well is only about $200. Each well can change the lives of up to 630 rural villagers.

Please consider making a special Christmas contribution this holiday season. Thank you for helping us bring food, clean water and hope to hundreds of Cambodia’s most impoverished people. Visit our Giving Page and designate your gift for “Christmas Fundraiser.”

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