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Feeding the Hungry in the Name of Jesus

Community outreach is one of the foundations of our ministry at Rock Foundation Cambodia. Most of the people we serve live without access to the most basic needs, including a consistent, reliable source of food.

For every 1,000 babies born in Cambodia, 28 die before their first birthday due to malnutrition and the complications associated with a poor diet (Asian Development Bank, April 2020). An estimated 1 in 3 children under the age of five suffer from growth stunting for the same reasons.

Our mission is to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of the Cambodian people. One way we do this is through food distributions, and we are excited to report that 11,000 pounds of rice have already been given away in the name of Jesus in 2022, all to Mercy Village Church. This church is located in a very poor, rural community where the need is great.

Here’s what one pastor from the church testified:

God is the living God and is our great provider to all his people. JESUS is so amazing. Yesterday before my team and I went to share the gospel with one family, I received a call from a rice seller, who told me that he is bringing me the 5,000 kgs of rice. I was so truly surprised. Thank you Lord JESUS. Today right after church, we shared with grandma and grandpa and all the poor families from outside and inside of Mercy Village. What a blessed day. Thank you JESUS and thank you to Rock Foundation Cambodia for your generosity, loving care from the Lord to all the poor, the needy and elderly. Thank you and thank you. May the Lord richly bless you all.” – Rin Yame

We, too, are in awe of God’s mighty provision. Please join us is in prayer for continued blessing over the ministry of Rock Foundation Cambodia and the souls entrusted to us.

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