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Hundreds Fed During Cambodian Food Outreaches

Hundreds Fed in Kampong Thom Province

We recently had the privilege of feeding 250 poor families in Kampong Thom province and 500 from Kampot Province. We thank God for his provision that allows us to minister to so many people who are hungry—both physically and spiritually.

In cooperation with H.E. Som Sun, a 2-star army general, we distributed 11,000 pounds of rice during our visit to Kampong Thom province. Each family received 20 kg of rice, 30 packs of noodles and 10 cans of fish. The outreach gained enough attention that it was featured on the local news!

H.E. Som Sun, Army General“On behalf of the working group and the land authority, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Brett Medlin …” -H.E. Som Sun

During our Kampot Province outreach, more than 22,000 pounds of rice were distributed. Families also received noodles and canned fish.

Our community outreach programs target some of the poorest of the poor in Cambodia. As we address the physical needs of these people, we are able to build relationships and share the gospel message of Jesus, providing hope for the future.

Your donation to Rock Foundation Cambodia will help us feed even more hurting and hungry families.

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