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A New Wheelchair for Mouen

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We are so grateful to share that we were able to bring our friends Mouen and his wife, Neang, a new wheelchair and 50 kg of rice!

One of the pillars of our ministry is providing essential medical care and importing donated medical supplies to help those like Mouen who are in need. We have imported over $10 million worth of medical equipment and have been able to pay for the medical expenses of some of the poorest people here in Cambodia. For many, this medical care is life-saving. And for Mouen, this medical resource is life-changing.

Mouen has been struggling with the metal plate in his spine as it is protruding from his back again. Because of his immobility, he has also struggled with bedsores for years which is always something of concern, pain and discomfort for him. He is not optimistic that replacing the plate will be of any benefit and is unsure if the hospital would even be willing to replace it again, so there is no guarantee of further medical care. Please keep him in your prayers.

We love this couple and as thankful as we are to be able to bless and support them it is also heartbreaking to see Mouen’s quality of life slowly diminish. If you would like to help Cambodians like Mouen who need life-saving and life-enhancing medical attention, please give now!