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Ministry Goals Met for 2023 & Set for 2024


Every year we set big goals for our ministry, and every year we have seen God show up to meet them! This past year was no exception.

This year we were able to meet our goal of drilling 200 new water wells! At the beginning of November, we were able to drill our 800th well since the ministry was founded in 2011. Each of these wells represents anywhere from dozens to thousands of Cambodians who now have access to disease-free water for drinking, bathing, cooking and more. In addition, with every new well dug, we have the opportunity to engage with a new community of people who are thirsty for Living Water and are able to share the hope of Jesus Christ.

While there is much to celebrate, there is still much need. In Cambodia, 1 in 4 people still lack access to clean water. This means that 3.8 million people in the country are unable to drink water safely, dispose of their waste in a sanitary way or even effectively wash their hands. As a result, disease runs rampant, affecting the most vulnerable of the population: children and the elderly. This crisis is especially prevalent in rural areas which is where we focus our ministry.

Our goal for 2024 is to drill 250 more new wells. We have the manpower and resources to build these wells. We are limited only by funding.

You can be a part of bringing clean water to these precious, vulnerable people in 2024. Consider partnering with us by giving a special year-end gift or by becoming a monthly supporter. Your gift of any amount will allow us to start 2024 strong by getting to work on drilling new wells right away.