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Provide 100 Hot Meals for $120

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In addition to our efforts to provide clean water and bags of rice to the precious people in Cambodia, we recently started serving hot, freshly prepared meals through our new Food and Fellowship Outreach program. Our heart behind this new initiative is to expand our Gospel reach and better serve the most vulnerable people in these impoverished communities.

Every Tuesday we prepare about 35 pounds of chicken along with vegetables and a box of rice to serve the 100 or so people who are in attendance. So far, we’ve already hosted five Food and Fellowship Outreach outreaches this year.

The villages being served were selected with the intent to bless those who are most in need. Located around the city garbage dump, these people are living in some of the most extreme poverty you can imagine with no running water or electricity and very little access to food with any kind of real nutritional value.

In addition to meeting their desperate need for nutrition, we also desire for this outreach to be an opportunity for discipleship. We want to build relationships with these particular families, continue to pray with them, share just how much value they have and plant seeds of gospel hope.

Our message to them is simple: Jesus loves you and so do we.

You can be a part of bringing hope to the poorest of the poor in Cambodia! For just $120, you can provide 100 hot meals to people living in extreme poverty. Join us in making an eternal impact to those who need it most today. Give now and specify your donation to go towards “Food & Fellowship Outreach.”