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The Gospel Continues to Spread in Cambodia: 2024 Evangelism Updates


The gospel is on the move in Cambodia! Just this year, we’ve shared the good news of Jesus Christ with more than  1,775 people who heard the Gospel for the first time. Our efforts to establish clean water sources and feed the hungry throughout this precious country are continuing to open doors for us to share the love of Jesus throughout the impoverished communities we serve.

Early this year, we welcomed Jina to our team as the Evangelism and Outreach Coordinator. This addition has allowed us to dedicate more time to sharing the gospel while we drill wells and feed the hungry. As our team works to drill new wells at the schools, Jina visits with the students and gives a gospel presentation. He regularly shares the story of Lazarus and the rich man, sharing that Jesus loves them and is their ultimate Savior.

Not only does Jina present the Gospel in schools, we even have opportunities to share the truth to students inside of Buddhist temples. So far, more than 1,500 students have expressed that they want to accept Christ and pursue a relationship with Him. Our prayer is that the Lord will send more laborers allowing our evangelism team to follow up with all of these new professions of faith to strengthen our discipleship efforts.

In addition to our evangelistic efforts in the schools, we are also using our new Food and Fellowship Outreach as an opportunity to build relationships and speak life to the most vulnerable people here in Cambodia. At these food outreaches, we provide hot meals for people living in extreme poverty. More than that, we intentionally build relationships, pray with the people in attendance, help them see their true value and share that they are loved by Jesus and us!

Our goal is for these outreaches to turn into small disciple groups where we can regularly and intentionally pour into these people who are otherwise outcasts within the community.

Would you pray with us for more evangelists to join our team so we can continue to spread the gospel and better disciple those who have made professions of faith?

We invite you to join us a member of the Rock Foundation Cambodia Drillers’ Circle with a monthly commitment of at least $50 to help us expand our Kingdom-focused efforts here in Cambodia. Your faithful support will help us continue our work with providing clean water for today and Christ-centered hope for tomorrow. 100% of all monthly, recurring donations go directly to providing these essential resources to the poorest of the poor in our beloved Cambodia.