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Brett Medlin founded Rock Foundation Cambodia (RFC) in 2011 to meet mental, physical and spiritual needs in areas where no one else was doing ministry.
“One day I saw somebody holding a baby with a bottle, and I asked them, ‘Is that tea that the baby is drinking?’ They said, ‘No, this is water.’ I asked them where this water had come from, and we walked about half a mile to a stagnant pond. This gave me the inspiration and purpose to provide clean water for these people.”
“The people in Cambodia are 95% Buddhist. They really don’t understand Christianity. But when we’re able to do something so tangible like give them clean water and a better quality of life and decrease the infant mortality rate, that really gets their attention and opens up relationships that can lead to sharing the gospel.”
One of the most important aspects of the water well drilling process is getting to know the people in the communities we serve. You can go out anywhere and punch a hole in the ground, but when you build relationships and try to understand the needs of the people, a much larger impact can be made. Our aim is to maximize the number of families who can benefit from each well we build.
High-quality materials and equipment are essential to building a well that will last. We often come across wells that have been built with subpar materials, left without anyone to do maintenance or quality control. In these situations, it is only a matter of time before the wells are of no use to anyone. At Rock Foundation, we drill to the same standards that are required in the U.S. so that wells will last for many years to come.