Rock Foundation Cambodia exists to


Partner with us to help create lasting change in the impoverished Cambodian villages we serve. Our faith-based, Christ-centered organization provides life-sustaining resources for the poorest of the poor. Our work includes building fresh water wells, importing containers filled with donated medical supplies, community development/outreach initiatives, and disaster relief.

With the current worldwide health crisis, Cambodian families are lacking the most basic needs such as clean water, food, shelter, and medical care now more than ever. Many who were living near poverty or were already in poverty are now without work.

Fresh Water Wells

More than 50,000 Cambodians have received access to clean water thanks to the fresh water wells built by Rock Foundation Cambodia.

Medical Supplies

We import donated medical supplies to help Cambodian men, women, and children who otherwise would not receive the medical care they need.

New Homes

More than 110 homes have been built for impoverished Cambodian families with no shelter fit to house and shield them from the elements.

Community Outreach

Cambodia is among the poorest countries in Asia. We work within poverty-stricken, rural communities to provide physical and spiritual care for those most in need.

Mango Farms

Since purchasing 12.5 acres of land in 2012, we have been developing it into mango farm ever since and now have more than 600 healthy mango trees.

Disaster Relief

As the number of active Covid-19 cases continues to rise here in Cambodia, we are continuing to do the most we can to care for the Cambodian people.

Fresh Water Wells Built
Cambodians with Clean Water
Donated Medical Supplies Imported
Mango Trees on 12.5 Acre Mango Farm


The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of the world’s diseases originate from unclean water and food. Some of the diseases that can be contracted from unclean drinking water include cholera, typhoid, roundworm, hepatitis and dysentery. More than 80% of Cambodia consists of rural communities, most of which lack access to clean water and proper sanitation.

Fight Poverty
Join us in our fight to empower the people of Cambodia to break the cycle of poverty.
Improve Health
Improvements in basic infrastructure, such as providing fresh water wells and toilets, improve overall health.
Share Jesus
Our non-profit organization is faith-based, sharing Jesus with the Cambodian people we serve.
Our ultimate goal is to provide sustainable, lasting change in Cambodia - physically and spiritually.