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Housing Projects


Total Homes Built

Villages Served

Sanitation Facilities
110+ Toilets Installed

Providing Impoverished Families with Shelter

Many of the impoverished families living in rural Cambodian communities are lacking basic living needs such as a home to provide shelter from the elements. Rock Foundation Cambodia has currently built more than 140 homes for the poorest of the poor.

Currently, housing has been provided in Phnom Bat Relocation Village for the families evicted from Borei Keila, Takhmao Relation Village for the poor squatter families in Kandal Province, and Rock Quarry Village for poor squatters 30 kilometers outside of Phnom Penh.

Not only have new homes been provided in rural areas, but they have also been provided with a fresh water well to provide clean water for drinking and sanitation, medical care, clothing, food, pastoral care and more.