Medical Supplies

Project Details

Medical Containers Imported

Medical Supply Value Per Container
$400,000 – $440,000

Total Provinces Provided with Medical Supplies

Rock Foundation Cambodia has provided thousands of Cambodian men, women, and children have been provided with access to essential, life-saving medical care and resources. As an importer of donated medical containers from Gateway Medical, a U.S. Seattle-based charity, more than $3 million in medical equipment and supplies have been made available to five different provinces in Cambodia for those who otherwise would not have received the medical care they need.

The shipping cost for one container is $4,500. You be a part of this effort to improve the health and quality of life for the Cambodian people by donating towards this effort today.

We also raise funds to pay for the healthcare expenses and medications of the poorest of the poor. Our work includes arranging doctor’s appointments and surgeries for those unable to do so themselves as well.