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Making a Kingdom Impact in Cambodia: Clean Water & the Gospel


More than 25% of Cambodians do not have access to safe water. That’s approximately 3.8 million people who don’t have clean water for drinking, disposing of waste, or practicing hygiene. It is no surprise that these precious people, especially the children and the elderly, are especially vulnerable to life-threatening diseases.

Many rural schools do not have access to clean water at all, and if they have access to water at all, this water is typically from stagnant ponds that are only replenished by the limited rains of the monsoon season.

We are absolutely passionate about proving clean water wells to rural schools, health centers and Buddhist temples throughout Cambodia. This year alone, we have already been able to provide clean water for 71 of our primary target locations, providing clean water to thousands of students, medical patients and rural villages.

While we know that clean water is essential for life, we also believe that Living Water is essential for life.

Our ministry meets the physical needs of Cambodians through drilling water wells and feeding the hungry; we meet  the spiritual needs of the people by delivering the life-giving nourishment of the gospel.

Cambodia is not only lacking in safe water, they are also one of the least reached countries in the world. In fact, only 1% of Cambodians identify as Christian, with the other 99% following Buddhism, Islam, or proclaiming Atheism. Sharing the hope of Jesus fuels everything we do at Rock Foundation Cambodia (RFC).

We strive to provide access to clean water through wells, but we ultimately desire to provide access to the Father through Jesus Christ.

Join our mission to provide clean water for today and Gospel-centered hope for tomorrow by giving a monthly, recurring gift as part of our RFC Drillers’ Circle! You can help establish a strong foundation of support for our life-sustaining ministry.